Teach Rumbula

Would you like to inform your class, community center or synagogue members about Rumbula?

A 8.5 x 11 informational handout is available so that you may print as many copies as you need provided you comply with the permission requirements, which follow. It may be printed in color or black and white, from Microsoft Word 97 or later.

Permission to copy and distribute this copyrighted material is granted on the conditions that:

  • It is reproduced in full without editing.
  • It is not distributed, directly or indirectly, in connection with anti-semitic or anti-holocaust efforts. Such use is prohibited.

I agree to the terms by downloading the informational handout file.

Discussion questions and student research projects are also available for downloading.

Instructions: Click below and file will open in Microsoft Word, save or print file.

Download Informational Handout.

Download Discussion Questions and Student Research Projects.

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