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A small number of Jews survived the Holocaust in Latvia with the aid of brave and compassionate Latvians who risked death to hide them. Indeed, several were found harboring Jews and killed along with those they hid.

Here are names of Latvians who hid Jews during the Holocaust. Unfortunately the names of some will never be known. The humanity and courage of each of these heroes must not be forgotten.

The source is indicated in [brackets].
[YV] is for Yad Vashem.


Sofya, Adomyanets
Fadei & Evdokia, Afanasiev [YV]
Philip & Anastasia, Afanasiev [YV]
Piotr & Lutsia, Afanasiev [YV]

Adumas & Adela, Balconas [YV]
Modest & Malvina, Baltov [YV]
Fred, Bankovitsh [YV]
Anton & Helena, Barkan [YV]
The Berzinsh Family
Valentina, Binkevich (Sidirapulo) [YV]
Valentina, Birzynia [YV]

Manya, Ciblis [YV]

Ansis, Didrichson [YV]
Jeva, Dzene [YV]

Margarita, Enins; son Fritz [YV]

Ana, Fimboyer [YV]

Emilia, Gaevskaya [YV]
Arnolds, Gludausis [YV]
The Goertners

Piotr & Varvara, Ignatiev [YV]

Janis & Marija, Kaminski [YV]
Maria, Karchevskaya [YV]
Herta, Karklins [YV]
Olga, Kateneva [YV]
Maria, Keller; son Arnold [YV]
Margareta, Klebais; sister Aleksandra [YV]
Sasha & Greta Kleibaises (of Artillery Street in Riga)
Arturs & Erna, Krumins; daughter Ilga [YV]
Paul, Krumins [YV]
Olga, Kruzmane [YV]
Maria, Keller & Maria, Lindenberg
Friedrich, Kumerow [YV]
Peteris & Erna, Kupsis [YV]

Janis & Johanna Lipke [YV]
    -- Yad Vashem
    -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
    -- USHMM Photograph
    -- Photograph

Anna, Matusiewich; child Jadwiga, Jan
Velta, Meters [YV]
Mr. & Mrs. Mezhulis
Vladimir, Micko [YV]
Elsa, Mieleike; mother [YV]
Minadora, Mikulova-Afanasiev [YV]

Andriana, Noim [YV]

Eduard & Anna, Ozolin; sons Janis & Voldemar [YV]

Lina, Paich [YV]
Martin & Milda, Peterson [YV]
Yefrosinia & Fedot, Petrova [YV]
Lina, Pilsroze [YV]
Karlis & Elza, Pukis [YV]
Janis & Anna, Pukis [YV]
Pesla (of Chiekurkalns)
Peter & Marija, Purins; daughter Vilma [YV]

Emils, Resnais [YV]
Friedrich & Putrinya, Rozentals; child Edgar, Bruno [YV]
Carola, Rudzit [YV]

Paul & Charlotte, Schiemann [YV]
Frau Scheink (of Laimdotas Street in Riga)
Robert & Johanna, Sedul [YV]
Leokardia, Skershkane [YV]
Katerina, Skuyinsh [YV]
The Spers – mother and daughter
Helena, Spiridovich [YV]
Janis, Sprogis [YV]
Amalia, Strelis [YV]
Gerhards & Emilija, Susters [YV]
Janis, Susters [YV]

Sergei & Vasa, Trofimov; d. Stepanida [YV]

Klara & Anton, Vanags; d. Skaidrite [YV]
Valdis, Verdins [YV]
Petrunela, Vilmans [YV]
The Viliumsons – Mr. & Mrs. (of Katlakalns), daughter Olivia, son Heinrich (of Kekava) & his wife Edith.

Ulita, Warushkina [YV]

Anton & Anna, Yunel [YV]

Sofija, Ziverts [YV]
Vilis, Zvaigzne [YV]
Anna, Zwirzgdinia [YV]



I Survived Rumbuli
By Frida Michelson
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Shop Memorial Council, February 1982.
Frida Michelson, as only one of two to survive, felt G-d chose her as a witness. Frida Michelson’s riveting story details the horrors she experienced and describes her survival of the actions at Rumbula. It goes on to tell of her survival of years of Nazi occupation with the aid of a series of righteous Latvians, a number of whom were Seventh Day Adventists.

A limited number of copies of the paperback edition are in stock at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Bookstore and is also widely available
from sellers of used books and libraries.


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