The Great Choral Synagogue
On Gogol Street

The Great Choral Synagogue on Gogol Street in 1873
Construction of Riga's largest synagogue began in 1868 and was completed in 1871. This is a photo, information and text from Rigasche Almanach 1873, an annual Riga almanac. The synagogue was burned on July 4, 1941 with Jews locked inside. The contemporary article on the linked page discusses the number killed and notes reports ranging from 0 to 2000 Jews, settling on 100. The number most commonly quoted elsewhere appears to be 300.

Restoraton of the Gogol Synagogue Cellar in October 1992
A photo by Bruce Kahn of the construction of the monument that now stands at this site.

Gogol Street Synagogue Monument - October 2002
Jewish Riga Today - Virtual Tour at this web site

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