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The Holocaust in Latvia is documented in books by survivors that are listed throughout the pages of the Holocaust section of this site (see menu at the left). Many more testimonies are contained in interviews recorded on audio and videotape and found in libraries and archives, in their original medium and/or transcribed form.

Some may be located by searching library catalogs, often possible via the web. Several collections, and search results for Latvia, are listed below. Please be aware that catalog search results are no guarantee of the amount of testimony that is about Latvia; search results only indicate that a more detailed review should be conducted.

The accessibility of this material varies. Some is available on the web, some through inter-library loan and some at the institution itself.



 Voices of the Holocaust
      Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Galvin Library
      Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.
      70 Transcriptions of 109 Interviews with People in Displaced
      Persons Camps in Europe From 1946 by Chicago
      psychologist David Pablo Boder. The audio recordings (wire
      recorder) of some interviews are accessible here.

         Search results for Latvia or Riga or Duagavpils or Kaiserwald
       or Salaspils or Liepaja

 The story of the interviews and of David Boder, a Latvian Jew
      who immigrated to the U.S.


Fortunoff Video Archive
Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University Library
New Haven, Connecticut U.S.A.
4,000+ videotapes of interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust.
Search results for Latvia
(Click on link, then scroll down)

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
Accessing the Archive
Steven Spielberg established this foundation that videotaped more than 50,000 testimonies of survivors. CD-ROMs and videotapes of documentaries of testimony are available for purchase. Direct public access is being developed at five viewing centers in the U.S. and Israel. Currently, there is limited access to the archive for individuals and organizations by special arrangement.



Fresh Wounds - Early Narratives of Holocaust Survival
Edited by Donald L. Niewyk
University of North Carolina Press, 1998, 432 pages, ISBN 0-8078-2393-7
Interviews from Voices of the Holocaust at IIT in Chicago (above).

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