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Rumbula.org was created for educational and research purposes as an introduction to the events of late 1941 that took place in Rumbula Forest and as a memorial to those who were killed.

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This web site originates in personal experience. After WWII, my grandparents in the U.S. could not locate family in Latvia, and in the 1970's, my father was unable to find any in Israel. For three generations we knew nothing of our family's fate. Although there was a glimmer of hope that someone had survived, it appeared certain that all of our Latvian relatives had perished in the Shoah as had more than 90% of Latvian Jews.

Our U.S. family's lives continued and generation begat generation. When my daughter was born, my wife and I named her after my paternal great grandmother from Latvia. Around this time, I registered with the superb genealogy web site www.jewishgen.org to search databases for my great grandmother and other long-deceased relatives. Three years later, in response to my registration, I received, unexpectedly, an e-mail from Israel. It was from my grandfatherís brotherís family, specifically from his grandson, Michael! His parents survived the war by fleeing Riga and hiding in Uzbekistan. Four days later my father travelled to Israel where, for the first time, he met his 89 year old first cousin Sonya, Michaelís mother. This reunion occured 56 years after the end of WWII and 90 years after their fathers had last seen each other.

Together, Michael and I searched for genealogical information. He never met his grandparents (my great aunt and uncle) because they died in the Holocaust before his birth. Shortly after we found each other, Michael first saw their faces when he obtained their passport photos, shown below, from the Latvian Archives. He learned that his grandparents were taken to the Riga Ghetto and then to Rumbula Forest. There their lives ended.

As I researched Jewish Latvia and the actions at Rumbula, I was moved to create this site to share my research with you and others. Rumbula.org is dedicated to the memory of my great uncle and aunt and of each person who perished. May each of their memories be for a blessing.

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