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Riga Jewish Hospital - "Bikur Holim"

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Bikur Holim hospital was established in 1924. It was nationalized by the Soviets in 1940. In 1941 the Nazis took control of Latvia and the Soviets again after the Germans. After Latvia's independence the first resolution of the Riga city council was to return the hospital to the Jewish community. During the 10 year period from its renewal in 1992 to 2002, Bikur Holim provided 40,000 medical treatments and 80,000 dental visits. It now treats 4200-4300 in-patients each year, 4,500-5,000 out-patients and provides dentistry to about 9,000 a year. Bikur Holim provides free medical care and medicine to more than 1500 people a year. Bikur Holim's budget is more than $1 million/year. Hospital improvements are made with help from sponsors and benefactors from abroad.
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